About Me

I am currently a PhD student at KAIST, studying at the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Lab under Professor Sung Ju Hwang. My research interests include:

  • Self-Supervised Learning
  • Set Encoding
  • Computer Vision
  • Bayesian Deep Learning

Conference Publications

[w1] Visulizing the Loss Landscape of Self-Supervised Vision Transformers

[c5] Scalable Set Encoding with Universal Mini-Batch Consistency and Unbiased Full Set Gradient Approximation

  •  Jeffrey Willette*, Seanie Lee*, Bruno Andreis, Kenji Kawaguchi, Juho Lee, Sung Ju Hwang (*: equal contribution)
  • [ICML 2023] [Open Review] [arxiv] [bibtex]

[c4] Exploring the Role of Mean Teachers in Self-Supervised Masked Auto-Encoders

[c3] MPViT: Multi-Path Vision Transformer for Dense Prediction

[c2] Meta Learning Low Rank Covariance Factors for Energy-Based Deterministic Uncertainty

[c1] MiniBatch Consistent Slot Set Encoder for Scalable Set Encoding


Prior Augmented Data: Targeted Entropy Regularization for Improved Calibration

  •  Jeffrey Willette, Juho Lee, Sung Ju Hwang
  •  [arxiv] [bibtex]